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      Taking good photos of your caravan can really help us give you the most money possible for your caravan.  Take a look inside here for more information on how to take great photos of your caravan!

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How to take Pictures

Taking effective pictures will help us give you a fair appraisal.

If you are struggling to take great pictures of your caravan, take a look at the guide below.


Front Facing Image

This is probably the first photo you will take of your caravan.

Please ensure you get the whole frontage of the caravan.

We can see here that the caravan has front opening doors and has downlighters with a pitched roof.

Rear Facing Image

This is an especially good picture.

We can see that the panels and the pitched roof are in good condition.

We can also see that the caravan could do with a clean on arrival.

Side Facing Image

For this photo, we are looking at both sides of the caravan.

We can see here that all panels are in original condition and none of these need replacing.

Chassis Pictures

The chassis is one of the most important external images that we would need to see.

This will give us an indication of the structural integrity of the caravan.

In these photos we are looking at not only the chassis but the undernieth of the caravan too.


Being able to see the current condition of the wheels tells us if we will be able to load it onto one of our lorries easily or whether we will need to repair any of the wheels before hand.

Repairs on wheels can consist of either, simply pumping the air up or replacing the wheel completely.


In this photo we can see where the gas connection is and that there are pigtails fitted to the caravan.


Lounge photo(s)

The main living area.

One of the main photos to give us.

This is the area where people spend most of their time in the caravan.

Taking quality photos of this area will ensure we see the features that matter most to our customers.

Dining Area

A great picture of the dining area allows us to see how much room there is in the caravan.

We can see from this photo that the furniture is free standing and there isn’t a lot of space unless you push the table into the corner.

However, this table is a nice fit and we wouldn’t need to replace it once it arrives.


The engine room.

Taking amazing photos of this area will show us the general condition of the kitchen.

Do we need to replace the door covers or even the doors themselves?

Is the cooker in a good working condition.

Bedroom 1 (Master)

Sometimes, it’s hard to show all of the master bedroom, as they come in all different shapes and sizes.

So you might find yourself taking a few pictures to show all the furniture and storage available.

Bedroom 2 (Twin)

Taking pictures of the 2nd or 3rd available rooms are beneficial.

Don’t worry about the state they’re in as we have customers who have different ideas of how to use their extra bedrooms space.

Bath/Shower Room

Clear pictures of the bathrooms are key. We are looking to see if everything is in a working order.

Sometimes, we may need to replace a pipe, radiator or a shower tray.

Detailed photos will ensure a fair appraisal.


Defects and Alterations

If there are any areas that have defects or have had alterations, please do not be frightened of sharing these pictures.

These are the pictures that allow us to determine which parts are needed and allows us to get them ordered before arrival of the caravan.

Ensuring a smoother process.


If there are any areas that is in need of repair, please do not be frightened of sharing these pictures.

These are the pictures that allow us to determine which parts are needed and allows us to get them ordered before arrival of the caravan.

Ensuring a smoother process.

Other Useful Information

If there is anything else which looks out of place or you’re going to be leaving in the caravan, taking out, please let us know.

We don’t usually take anything out of the caravan when selling the caravan and all caravans are sold as seen.